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GUMI Notable Songs Albums Originals,#-E F-J K-O P-T U-Z Covers

Contents: A B C D ENavigationComments
Contribute: by using this template!
*{{SongID |Title |Producer |Singer |Link}}
| nn = Niconico Video | yt = YouTube | bb = bilibili | pp = piapro
| sc = SoundCloud | sc em = SoundCloud embed
| 5s = 5SING | mz = Muzie | vm = vimeo | tm = TmBox
| etc = Et cetera/Other parameter
  1. Read the Song list article and the SongID documentation.
  2. Review the blog guide, song translating and mistranslating.
  3. Never remove ' Originals ' from a listing,- only remove ' Covers ' with unavailable links.
  4. ' Do ' link existing song pages from Original song listings.
  5. ' Do Not ' link existing song pages from Cover song listings.
  6. ' Do Not ' link Producers, Vocaloids, or other Synth programs from any listings.

.See the Song list (quality control) project page, to see how to make helpful improvements to these pages.

This listing presents VOCALOID2, V3 (Extends), (Japanese and English), and 4 voicebank usage.

Original songs (# to E)Edit


Extends #Edit


Extends AEdit


Extends BEdit


Extends CEdit


Extends DEdit


Extends EEdit


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