Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ), codenamed CV03, is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., and was initially released in January 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine. She is the third release of Crypton's Character Vocal Series and is a Character Voice VOCALOID. In March 2015, additional voicebanks and an upgrade to the VOCALOID4 engine were released.

Her voice is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer, Yū Asakawa (浅川悠 / Asakawa Yū), who was recorded in Japanese and English for the voicebank.[1][2]


Luka's original concept was that of a bilingual VOCALOID and according to Crypton Future Media, Luka was originally going to be called "Hatsune Miku", prior to the change of concept plans for the Character Vocal series.[3]


Her surname combines "Meguri" (巡, circulate or around) and "Ne" (音, sound), while the name "Luka" invokes the Japanese homonyms "nagare" (流, flow) and "ka" (歌, song) or "ka" (香, scent), thus making: "songs to all around the world as scent spreads."

Her codename of "CV03" means "Character Voice 03".


According to KEI, who was asked by Crypton to illustrate her, her design was made to be asymmetrical due to her bilingual software so she would look different in various angles. Unlike previous mascots in the series, her costume is not based on a school uniform. She is based on the "Yamaha VL1 VL-1". Her dress was designed to look old-fashioned to make her represent the past. As a form of contrast, the "∞" on her neck area represents "sound around".[4] Her design incorporates woodwind and brass instruments. The gold curl design on her chest mimics brass instruments and a circulatory organ. The blue jewel near her throat represents moisture in the air and water drops.[5]

VOCALOID fans tried to assign an item to Luka as they had done with past VOCALOIDs, sparking heated debate over the choice. Tako Luka marked the end of the "Item War" system where items were assigned to VOCALOIDs based on Internet Memes. Despite the Internet Meme's popularity, she is often seen with a tuna fish. This is a result of comparing the Japanese word for "tuna" (maguro) with her last name.


Music featuring Megurine Luka

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Romaji/English CiRCuS MoNSTeR
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers CircusP
Category Original song
Romaji/English Luka Luka★Night Fever
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers samfree
Category Original song
Romaji/English Happy Synthesizer
Featuring Megurine Luka, GUMI
Producers EasyPop
Category Original song
No Logic
Romaji/English No Logic
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers JimmyThumb-P
Category Original song

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Romaji/English Ren'ai Saiban (Love Trial)
Featuring Megurine Luka V4X
Producers 40mP, cover by Hyurno
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers dj-Jo
Category Cover remix
Just Be Friends
Romaji/English Just Be Friends
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers Dixie Flatline
Category song
Romaji/English RIP=RELEASE
Featuring Megurine Luka
Producers minato
Category song

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Additional information


Despite the inclusion of English, Megurine Luka was not aimed at a worldwide audience. Instead, she was focused primarily at Japanese producers.

Crypton future Media applied for trademark for Luka on January 29, 2015.[6]

See also: Megurine Luka/Marketing and VOCALOID in other media


  • While the software was in the alpha stage of development, Crypton was hoping for a voice that sounded sexy. However, due to the level of softness in the results, the vocals were unable to achieve this.[7]
  • Some call her "Ruka" or "Luca", however, this is incorrect. Though the romanized version of the name could be either, the English version was confirmed as "Luka" and since there is no dubbed version to content with, this remains the only official name in existence for the VOCALOID.
  • Luka can be heard in the original musical score "Arisen Anew" from a Homestuck album called AlterniaBound.[8]


Megurine Luka's character status

Crypton's product list, 12/10/2011, Megurine Luka is in 3rd place

In 2010, Luka was ranked as the 3rd most popular VOCALOID product Crypton sold.[9]

In October 2013, Luka's VOCALOID2 software disappeared off the top 10 products charts as the Hatsune Miku V3 and its bundle package disrupted the chart rankings.[10] Luka had already fallen to 6th place during the 2013 period as a result of the KAITO V3 release, but this was the first time Luka had disappeared from the charts.

After the charts began to settle down again, Luka began to occupy the same spot on the charts that KAITO's original vocal previously occupied (6th-8th place), putting the popularity of the product on par with the older product. After MEIKO V3's release, Luka became the only member of the VOCALOID2 Character Vocal Series vocals to have a product on the charts, leaving her in 5th place. However, VOCALOID2 vocals were mostly absent from the rankings in April 2014. By mid-2014, both she and the VOCALOID2 Kagamine Rin/Len package no longer held constant places in the rankings and were constantly on and off Crypton Future Media sales charts.

In March 2015, the Megurine Luka V4x package got the no.1 spot for the sales of all digital instruments on Big Fish Audio.[11]

Soon after the V4x package release, she grabbed the Crypton top sales rankings and remained there for April 2015. On May 1, the site updated to reveal the package in 3rd place behind Hatsune Miku V3. This was approximately the same length of time that MEIKO V3 had spent at the same position in 2014 after its release before the Hatsune Miku V3 package pushed it back down again.

In 2014, Crypton's download store, Sonicwire, reported that the VOCALOID2 version had managed to get to 6th place on the list of sold products.[12] In 2015, her V4x version sold enough to top the charts at no.1 position.[13]


Luka was the first VOCALOID to impact Hatsune Miku's popularity. Only a few days after her release, many songs were produced. On the 70th Weekly VOCALOID Ranking (February 2, 2009), many of Luka's songs appeared in the Top 30, knocking the very popular "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" and songs produced by ryo (with the exception of "Melt") right out of the Top 30. "RIP=RELEASE" had taken the #1 spot and had earned a total of 843,233 points, making it the song with the highest one-week score.


An independent search on Nico Nico Douga revealed that most VOCALOIDs had less than 1,000 videos uploaded on Nico Nico Douga in 2011 between July 1 and December 15. Luka, however, had managed to gain enough views to not fall into this category. Luka had the 4th highest number of uploads with 2,103 videos to Nico Nico Douga. Luka, who had 3,855,998 views and 301,640 mylists in total, was the 5th most popular viewed VOCALOID on the site. Luka’s 1837.94/143.78 average views placed her as the bottom of the top 6 VOCALOIDs based on average view counts. However, when the lists of top 6 VOCALOIDs were sorted based on the mean number (a more accurate reflection of the VOCALOID's popularity) Luka did not make the top six.[14]

In 2015, a survey was made based on the popularity of VOCALOIDs on the website Nico Video. For the year 2014, Megurine Luka was the 7th most popular VOCALOID.[15]

  • First bilingual VOCALOID
  • First female bilingual VOCALOID
  • First English voicebank produced by a Japanese company
  • First English voicebank provided by a Japanese provider
  • First newly released VOCALOID to impact Miku's rankings in the VOCALOID ranking charts
  • First VOCALOID2 by Crypton to be upgraded to VOCALOID4
  • First bilingual VOCALOID to be updated
  • First VOCALOID to have English Appends
  • First VOCALOID to have E.V.E.C. capabilities
  • First bilingual VOCALOID4


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