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  • "Melancholy Doll"
Uploaded March 28, 2014, with 23,500+ YouTube views and 3,400+ SoundCloud views
  • corasundae (music, lyrics)
  • Lizts (arrangement)
  • Hen (illustration)


You heard a shouting voice,
a grating sound, an empty cry
You saw a spark in it,
a promise for your sacrifice
Taking me far from there,
the loneliness, the solitude
you taught me how to sing
and how to breathe and what to do

but I became dependent on you
You, a loner, needed someone else
Our fates had knotted into one
I'm okay with it
this is how it is
I don't have a place still left to run

fect me till I'm polished, till there's nothing left at all,
let me become your ideal, from my rise until my fall
I don't care for anybody, anybody else
so it's fine for you to play with me,
just let me be your doll

You saw a spark in me,
the dark lit by
a natural light
There was a fire
in the words you'd said
the songs you'd write

Our knotted fate was great;
we weren't going anywhere
a night or two became
another side to life we shared

I became enchanted by you
You, a loner, needed your own space
I must've pushed you far enough
just an argument
I was arrogant
thinking you would stay there out of love

And then out of nowhere, no one saw you
you just disappeared
I grew worried, I grew desperate, I was stifled by my fear
Tell me something, anything, just show me you're alive
and then there I saw it
smoke and fire
reaching to the sky

Now, setting to fire your own home
All that I had of you was smoke,
in the end

Every song you ever wrote, reduced to only ash
Tell me, what use is this voice if it'll never bring you back?
Ink and paper's fragile, and impermanent at that
but the thing that makes me worry is that
you were all I had.

I'm not good for anything, I have no other use
it was fine for you to toy with me
and let me be your muse
Now you're gone, so there's no point in singing after all
I'll go back to shouting, back to screaming, your rejected doll

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