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"メルト" (Melt) is Supercell's first single. It was first sold at Comiket 73. In addition to songs, the CD also came with a PC wallpaper and sheet music was also included. After the event, the CD was distributed in two versions, the regular one and with the bonus with a B2 sized poster.

The album is purchasable from Toranoana.

Released December 31, 2007
Producer ryo
Price ¥700 (regular)
¥1,365 (with poster)
Illust. 119
Label Supercell
Track list
1. メルト
Hatsune Miku
2. メルト
3. きみをわすれない
Kimi wo Wasurenai / I Won't Forget You
Hatsune Miku
4. きみをわすれない (アレンジver)
Kimi wo Wasurenai (Arranged ver) / I Won't Forget You (Arranged ver)
Hatsune Miku

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