Mermaids Cry ft Avanna
Song title
"Mermaid's Cry"
Uploaded Oct 20, 2013, with 70+ views
IAJLC-P (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Once upon a time, a mermaid lived in a red colored sea.


Far from this red colored sea
There are crows flying high
As I can see, under this red colored sea

My wishes come as eternal like those stars falling down again
Inside red colored sea
I'm breaking down for our time in this sea

Far from this red colored sea
There no tears in my face
I can swear, under this red colored sea
I'm not smiling
So I must leave now
Out this red sea we could live so happily

So let's move on and find out the blue colored sky
It's my blue sky (Our sky)
As I can see...
I can see its waiting us.

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