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  • "Merry Miku Xmas"
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This song is a song to those in the community who are having a hard time coping with the christmas period.

5 days to make an Xmas song WE GOT THIS!!. This song was fun to arrange and write lyrics for! It was a pleasure working with Moros-P hes lovely and you should really check him out guys. I hope the feelings from Miku reach you too on this very special day.
— Bodytemp-P
Making this song was definitely a handful, but that's what the holidays are all about. They're all about getting mad, crazy, confused, scared, or sad. But in the end its still a happy, cozy, and hopeful time of year. I hope all who listen to this get to feel the hope and love their digital diva gives them!


Tra la da da da
The sound of the bells will chime
everyone will celebrate their holidays
Don't you worry dear
I'll celebrate it with you
so all times of sadness
will disappear at light
let my voice bring you cheer
and smiles all day and night
merry merry christmas and a happy new year too
Lets all sing together bringing cheer all the way through
Merry merry christmas and I hope you feel it too
all the song will run through the air
wishing everyone too
today's a special day
its just for you and I
the songs you make me sing
will bring some cheer tonight
snow falls down tonight
you watch it look so light
But don't worry my dear
I'll sing for you tonight
hear my voice near and far
Write me songs I sing from the heart
merry merry christmas I hope your feeling well
All the sounds around you will hope the same too
Merry merry christmas its a cheery happy day
Don’t you worry a hair on your head it will be a good day too
Singing altogether you will join us too
all the songs you've prepared
fill your heart with love
we will jump from places all far and wide
No you aren't alone we are here for you
let me sing you this song on this special day
Merry merry christmas lets shout it all aloud
all these feelings we share will reach out to you
Merry merry christmas I will say bye bye to you
Just rest your head don’t worry dear
we will be with you soon

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