Migiwa (汀) is a PV producer. He is good at producing PVs in which he uses 3D models of "Love Death 2". He often cooperates with IGASIO, but there are also several works which he produces by himself.
STATUS:September 2007 → Assumed active
PLAYLIST(s):Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "True My Heart (FLELE PV)" (from "Nursery Rhyme") (Sep.21.2007)
  2. "Miku Miku ni Shiteageru♪ (FLELE PV)" (Sep.21.2007)
  3. "Teleportation (FLELE & "Love Death 2" PV)" (from "Esper Mami") (Oct.03.2007)
  4. "Anata no Utahime (Miku & human ver.) (PV)" (Oct.20.2007)
  5. "Anata no Utahime (Miku) (PV)" (Oct.21.2007)
  6. "Koisuru VOC@LOID -Take Zero (PV)" (Oct.24.2007)
  7. "Ikitekoso (PV)" (Song of Kiroro) (Nov.02.2007)
  8. "Mothra no Uta (PV)" (from "Godzilla vs. Mothra") (Nov.03.2007)
  9. "Soyokaze no Sonatine (PV)" (from "Mahou-Kishi Rayearth") (Nov.07.2007)
  10. "Wedding Wars (PV)" (from "Wedding Peach") (Dec.03.2007)
  11. "TEST 20-5" (PV) ("CRESCENDO" from "Kin-iro no Corda") (Dec.03.2007)
  12. "Utsukushikereba Soredeii (PV)" (Meiko) (from "Simoun") (Dec.10.2007)
  13. "Ore Sen-you (VOCALOID KAITO) (Kari)" (PV) (Jan.07.2008)
  14. "TEST 24-1" (PV) ("Aoi tori" from "Idolm@ster") (Jan.07.2008)
  15. "TEST 23-6" (PV) ("Over The Sky" from "Last Exile") (Jan.10.2008)
  16. "Konna Ishou (PV)" ("Aoi tori" from "Idolm@ster") (Jan.11.2008)
  17. "after the end (PV)" (Jan.12.2008)
  18. "TEST 25-2" ("Kisei Jijitsu" PV) (Jan.16.2008)
  19. "TEST 22-2" (PV) ("Ojiisaneno Otegami" from "Mikan Enikki") (Feb.03.2008)
  20. "Utsukushikereba Soredeii (PV)" (Kaito) (from "Simoun") (Feb.22.2008)
  21. "disillusion (PV)" (Loli Meiko) (from "Fate/Stay Night") (Apr.23.2008)

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