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Series title
Romaji: Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
English: Mikagura School Suite
Uploaded December 1st, 2012
Singer(s): GUMI
Last Note.
illustrated by Akina

Mikagura School Suite (ミカグラ学園組曲, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku) is an on-going series of songs by Last Note. and illustrated by Akina.


"An unusual after-school life, begins now."
— Author's comment (Translated by Ame)

The Mikagura School Suite is a a boarding high school, where each of the students must join an after-school activity club. The representatives of the clubs then battle between each other with their special abilities, and the results of these battles influence school life of all of the club members. The school only allows clubs of the cultural type.

The story begins with Ichinomiya Eruna, who is a freshman at Mikagura High School, and shows her first days at new school and how she interacts with various other students which all belong to a different school club.

The guide book given to all new students, which Eruna carries, reveals several school rules:

1. All freshmen must join one extracurricular activity club within one month. Any student that does not do so will be expelled.

2. If you wish to create a new club, it will only be accepted if you have three members. However, the school only admits cultural activity clubs.

3. The tournaments that are held at fixed intervals will determine the rank of all the clubs existing in the school. The ranks will influence the clubroom assignments in the dormitories for all club members, their food, and other similar school life matters. The tournaments will be judged solely by the teachers.[1]

The series features several protagonists, mainly captains of various activity clubs and follows their life at Mikagura High School.


Ichinomiya ErunaEdit


A girl who appears to be the main protagonist of the series. She chose to enter Mikagura High School after reading the informational book about the school, handed to her by Shigure, and "admiring their adorable uniforms and graceful school life with only clubs of the cultural type." The manga also hinted, that she wanted to go to that school to meet Mikagura Seisa.

After arriving at school however, she discovers that the school isn't really the way she imagined it. Still, she chooses to look forward to her new school life.

She is very cheerful and social, having no problems befriending other club members, but is also a bit clumsy and naive.

A flying cat named Bimi, who is actually a teacher at the school, always follows her around.

In the novel it is said that she is 158cm tall, blood type O, and likes cute girls.

Akama YutoEdit


Being a member of the drama club, he is very good at acting and has no problems deceiving people, which he uses in his daily life to put a facade of happiness around himself, even if in reality he is struggling with emotional problems.

In his childhood he was treated as an outsider by his family and classmates who favored his more socially adept younger brother. When they eventually divorced and the two brothers were separated, Yuto started mirroring his brother's behavior and swallowing his own emotions in order to gain acceptance. This action eventually developed into an intense fear of abandonment which haunts him throughout his everyday life as the club representative.

He cherishes his fellow club members very much. In the novel it is said that he is 161cm tall, blood type A, and likes all types of animals.

Yasaka HimiEdit


More information to come... In the song, she dedicates her life to Calligraphy. Calls Eruna as "Apprentice" and "Newbie".

In the novel she says she is 200cm tall, but supposedly she is only 148cm tall. Her blood type is B, and she likes candy.

Minatogawa SadamatsuEdit

  • Club: Flower Arranging Club
  • Song(s): Hanafubuki Reflect (Album)

More information to come...

He is the representative of the Flower Arranging Club. He is 175cm tall, blood type AB, and he likes places where he can space out.

Imizu AsuhiEdit


The representative of the Astronomy club, who joined the Academy not too long before Eruna.

He has been part of Mikagura since middle school and was considered talented for his age, coming out on top of all students his year. This and his gentle personality ending up making him an easy target for bullying.

He quickly grew attached to Eruna after she defended him from one of Kyoma's outbursts on their first day of school and is thus the first of all representatives that she befriends

In the novel he is 160cm tall, blood type A, and enjoys night-time strolls.

Mikagura SeisaEdit


More information to come...

She is 159cm tall, blood type AB, and she likes her house. She is also the headmistress's granddaughter.

Kuzuryu KyomaEdit


More information to come...

He is the representative of the Art Club. He is 177cm tall, blood type O, and he likes freedom. He is sometimes feared.

Ninomiya ShigureEdit

  • Club: Manga Research Society
  • Song(s): Kakushinteki Heroism (Album)

He was the one who made Eruna, his cousin, decide to enter Mikagura High School, by showing her the school's guide book.

He is 178cm tall, blood type A.


放課後ストライド (Houkago Stride)

Uploaded December 1st, 2012 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 放課後ストライド (Houkago Stride)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The first song in the series, focusing on Eruna. Due to its introductory character, it may be viewed as the opening for the series.

無気力クーデター (Mukiryoku Coup d'État)

Uploaded March 19, 2013 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 無気力クーデター (Mukiryoku Coup d'État)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The second song in the series focusing on Akama Yuto.

有頂天ビバーチェ (Uchouten Vivace)

Uploaded June 28, 2013 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 有頂天ビバーチェ (Uchouten Vivace)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The third song in the series focusing on Yasaka Himi.

我楽多イノセンス (Garakuta Innocence)

Uploaded February 21, 2014 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 我楽多イノセンス (Garakuta Innocence)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The fourth song in the series, focusing on Kuzuryu Kyoma.

十六夜シーイング (Izayoi Seeing)

Uploaded September 19, 2014 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 十六夜シーイング (Izayoi Seeing)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The fifth song in the series, focusing on Imizu Asuhi.

絵空事スパイラル (Esoragoto Spiral)

Uploaded August 20, 2016 Featuring GUMI
Music Last Note. (music) Main article 絵空事スパイラル (Esoragoto Spiral)
Lyrics Last Note.
Video Akina (illust)
The sixth song in the series, focusing on Mikagura Seisa.


  1. [1] Translated by Ame

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