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Uploaded April 24, 2009, with 163,000+ (NND) / 35,000+ (YT) views
Hatsune Miku
X-Plorez (music, lyrics)
Tomoyoshi Ossan (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


Tragic story of Robot The Miku. She strongly hopes to be much more light-weighted. I hope somebody makes her dream come true.
— Author's comment

"Mikunologie" is an original Hatsune Miku song.

This song has reached the Hall of Fame. It is featured in the album Explorism.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
What is called "mikunologie"

What is called...

数字の事だとか、さっぱりわかんないけれど suuji no koto da toka, sappari wakannai keredo
わたし案外と、かしこいみたいだよ watashi angai to, kashikoi mitai da yo

What is called "mikunologie"

えらい人たちが、からだをいじくりまわして erai hito tachi ga, karada o ijikuri mawashite
スーパーな回路、埋めこんだみたいよ suupaa na kairo, uzume konda mitai yo

空も飛べるし セクシーバディーだし sora mo toberu shi sekushii badii da shi
歌もうまいけど 愛だけが足りないよ! uta mo umai kedo ai dake ga tarinai yo!

mikunologie 世界切り拓いてくよ mikunologie sekai kiri hiraiteku yo
mikunologie つまんないけれど mikunologie tsumannai keredo
mikunologie 任務を遂行するよ mikunologie ninmu o suikou suru yo
mikunologie 報酬ないけど… mikunologie houshuu nai kedo...

mikunologie ワタシの体どうして mikunologie watashi no karada doushite
mikunologie 1トンもあるの?? mikunologie hito ton mo aru no??
mikunologie 次に改良する時には mikunologie tsugi ni kairyou suru toki ni wa
(mikunologie) 軽量化してよ!! (mikunologie) keiryou kashite yo!!

What is called...

What is called "mikunologie"

Though I don't know about mathematics thing at all,
People say I am rather wise.

Great scientists made a big operation on me
And put super circuit inside my body.

I can fly up in the air.
I've got sexy body as well.
I can sing so well
but I am only running short of love always...

I keep leading to cultivate this world
though it's not interesting to me at all.

I will surely carry out my duties
though I am not paid at all...

Why a hell does my body
weigh 1 ton??

When my body is modified in the future again,
Hope they make me lightweight...

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