Mikuture (みくちゃ, Mikucha) is an live-action AR Camera app were in you can shoot pictures using Mamama's Api Miku MMD model, It was first released for Android on July 6, 2014, then for iOS devices several days later on July 17. Mikuture, developed by Sorasu, is an augmented reality photo application featuring an appearance by Hatsune Miku who is owned by Crypton Future Media. The app's language can be changed between English and Japanese.

An update was made called Mikuture 2.0 but it is currently available only on the Android Play Store but will be available to the iOS App Store soon. The update brings the user a new experience of control improvements, new UI look, and 5 new (and free) downloadable characters: Snow Miku, Sakura Miku, Tda Miku, Yuzuki Yukari, and Flower. 


Mikuture is, as aforementioned, an Augmented Reality (AR) synthesis phone app allowing you to take pictures with a 3D model of Miku placed in the photo that was taken. The Miku model can be changed in a variety of ways before the picture is taken, such as changing her pose and face, and can be placed in different spots of the camera.


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