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Mo Qingxian (墨 清弦) is an upcoming Chinese VOCALOID4 to be developed by Shanghai HENIAN Co. Ltd.

Qingxian was a runner up entry to the first "VOCALOID™ CHINA" contest in 2012, held for choosing the design of the first Chinese VOCALOID and was a Vsinger supporting character for four years.[1] On December 8, 2016, Qingxian was confirmed to be in production along with Zhiyu Moke.[2]

Her voice is provided by Mingyue (冥月 Míngyuè), a Chinese professional singer.


According to the short animation series promoting VOCALOID CHINA, Qingxian is a fashionable high school student. Because of her elegant and mature outlook, she is extremely popular in school. Even though she seems to be a mysterious character, she actually has a slow reaction due to her poor health. She dresses fashionably most of the time, yet her actions show great elegance and traditional beauty. Qingxian loves traditional Chinese literature and is capable of skillfully playing many traditional Chinese instruments. Even though she reacts slowly, she still tries her best to take care of the juniors and people around her. She also has a tendency to become randomly philosophical.[3]

In 2017, according to Shanghai HENIAN's official website, Qingxian is listed as a Taurus.[4]


Her original name was "Chou", however, this was dropped because it was written in a Japanese naming style rather than Chinese.

Her surname, "" (墨), means “black” or “ink” in Chinese. "Qīng" (清) means “clear”, while "Xián" (弦) is a “string of musical instruments”.


The design was originally drawn by HANS, but was refined and redrawn by illustrator ideolo. However, it is noted that he drew no references from HANS' Chou submission as it was found to have plagiarized a piece of fanart featuring Kotiya Sanae from Touhou.[5] Due to this, ideolo drew Qingxian completely from scratch.

Located on Qingxian’s neck, there is a purple charm with a Devanagari letter "क" (ka) which represents the "Earth" element, the "Middle" position, the color "yellow", and the "Long Summer" season. This character’s Chinese equivalent is "宫" (Gōng), one of the 5 Traditional Chinese melody characters and corresponds to C (do).[6]



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Mo Qingxian was a fan-designed VOCALOID that was entered in the first "VOCALOID CHINA" contest, like Luo Tianyi. She was created with VOCALOID fans in mind.

VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT released a five-part promotional animation series for the VOCALOID CHINA characters. On May 15, 2012, at CFO3, the full first PV was made available, mainly featuring Tianyi with Ling making a brief cameo at the end. Qingxian’s officially appears in the third episode and the fourth episode mainly revolved around her.

In January 2015, VOCANESE promoted a 2015 calendar celebrating the Year of the Ram. Qingxian appears in the inside content.

Two contests were held in 2016 to allow fans to design a set of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter clothes that are based on the Vsinger girls.

Prior to her release, Qingxian made an appearance at the Vsinger Live concert on June 17, 2017.[7] Her voicebank made its debut with the song "Ace". She was also scheduled to appear at bilibili Macro Link 2018 on July 20 with the rest of the Vsinger cast.[8]

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Sandbox/Mo Qingxian's character status

In the Chinese fandom, Qingxian was the least popular supporting Vsinger character as she appeared in less fanart and PVs than the rest of the supporting cast. In the Western fandom, she was relatively well liked in comparison.


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