Mo Qingxian VOCALOID4

This is an article about the Mo Qingxian software for the VOCALOID4 engine.



A contest titled "VOCALOID CHINA" was held to determine the design of the first Chinese VOCALOID which ended on January 3, 2012. On January 17, the winner was revealed to be Yayin Gongyu, the original version of Luo Tianyi, in Shanghai. She was the top ranked design of 5 winning entries for the contest, with one of them being Chou who is now known as Mo Qingxian. Their finalized designs were revealed on March 22. Since then, Qingxian was only used as a promotional character concept.


Due to controversial issues occurring in 2013, Qingxian and the other members of VOCALOID CHINA were unable to become VOCALOIDs for the time being.


In March 2014, Shanghai HENIAN repurchased the character rights for all of the VOCALOID CHINA cast members and relaunched the project as VOCANESE.[1]


On May 29, 2015, during a Q/A Session about Stardust, Shanghai HENIAN confirmed that all VOCANESE characters are their main priority, despite receiving commission works from small groups and other companies.[2]


On December 8, 2016, during a media press, it was stated that Mo Qingxian and Zhiyu Moke were in production.[3]


On June 17, 2017, the Vsinger Live concert was held and Qingxian and Moke's voicebanks were revealed. Qingxian performed "Ace". On July 9, her voice provider was confirmed to be Mingyue.[4]

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