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Mochoko (もちょこ) is an illustrator. Mochoko is one of the illustrator for Putin-P Series, and had joined a number of collaboration works as well. Mochoko's most notable work is Tsunde Love Song by Lelele-P, and The Twisted Emperor by Putin-P.
Main article: Putin-P Series
STATUS:April 2008 → Present
Mochoko Avatar
OFFICIAL:Website: Chocolate
URL(s)Nico Nico Twitter
Gallery: Pixiv
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Kagami Net" (Rin, Len) (U-P) (Apr. 18, 2008)
  2. "Yu Akari ke Oka" (Len) (toya) (Apr. 19, 2008)
  3. "Resonance" (Rin, Len) (Ikko-P) (May 24, 2008)
  4. "World is Mine LEN ver. (Fanmade PV)" (Len) (Orebanana-P) (Jun 16, 2008)
  5. "Full Moon Dinner" (Rin, Len) (Hiwai-P) (Feb. 19, 2009)
  6. "The Twisted Emperror" (Miku, Rin, Len) (Putin-P) (Feb. 21, 2009)
  7. "Tsunde Love Song Full Ver." (Len) (Lelele-P) (Apr. 20, 2009)
  8. "Big Heart" (Miku) (Nov. 17, 2009)
  9. "RINLENMANIA 2" (Rin, Len) (Ann-Melts P) (Dec. 26, 2009)
  10. "Putin-P Music Video 11 Artists Collaboration" (Rin, Len) (Putin-P) (May. 29, 2010)
  11. "Putin-P series Music Plan" (Rin, Len) (Putin-P) (Aug. 06, 2010)
  12. "It's Happiness!" (Rin) (Putin-P) (May. 10, 2011)
  13. "" (Rin) (Hikkii-P) (May. 20, 2011)

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