"Monsters Like Me" is a free E.P released by ClockworkSinger. It contains 4 original tracks sung by OLIVER, Prima, Tonio, Sweet ANN and BIG AL.

This album was originally released with 3 off vocals (5-6-7) of the tracks, however they were later removed of the tracklist.

Monster like me
Released June 30, 2014
Producer ClockworkSinger
Price Free
Illust. ClockworkSinger
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. Adam
2. GODdess of glutTONS
OLIVER, Prima, Tonio
3. Tick Tock ~music box version~
Sweet ANN
4. Inauspicious Radio Hosts Broadcast Through White Noise
BIG AL, Tonio
5. Adam (off vocal)
6. Tick Tock ~music box version~ (off vocal)
7. Inauspicious Radio Hosts Broadcast Through White Noise (off vocal)
Clockwork NightmaresOLIVER
Clockwork Nightmares

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