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  • "Morning"
Uploaded June 4, 2015, with 110+ SoundCloud views
  • Maestro uP


Mixed feelings in the early hours of the day.

It could still use some more editing, but I wanted to share it anyways. Created with Vocaloid 4, Cyber Diva, and Reason

Morning is an original song by Maestro uP featuring CYBER DIVA.


Birds call, singing that the morning
has come and is gone.
The sun's first warm kiss was not for me.

Coffee brews, announcing that my morning
has begun with its song.
The days first cup a blissful fantasy.

The bitter taste and refreshing light,
delight my senses as they dance.
And with courage I face the day
delayed by my slumber.

The world outside beckons to me,
do not forget.
With a cool breeze sneaking into my home.

Unfinished tasks call out so bluntly,
do not forget.
With whispers that will not leave me alone.

Both my memories and the unknown
have shown me where I stand.
And with courage I can face the day,
splayed between the past
and what may be.

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