muhmue is a producer most notable for his Rin and GUMI duets. He's relatively good at ballads, and his style has been dubbed "むーバラ" / "Muu ballad".

Besides ballads, he has also composed songs in other genres, such as techno and pop. Among his notable works are "Chemical Emotion" and "Torikago no Naka no Maria". Overall, muhmue has stable views of 1,000 views per video, with his most notable ones having over 70,000 views.

STATUS:June 2009 → Present
OFFICIAL:Website: Office Muhmue
Blog: muhmue
URL(s)Piapro Nico Nico Muzie Twitter
PLAYLIST(s):(Niconico List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Spring Breeze" (Rin) (Jun.07.09)
  2. "Hack Devil" (GUMI) (Jul.01.09)
  3. "Begonia" (Rin) (Jul.05.09)
  4. "In The Sky" (GUMI) (Jul.09.09)
  5. "In The Sky v1.02" (GUMI) (Jul.12.09)
  6. "Seed" (Rin) (Jul.16.09)
  7. "Cream and Chocolate" (Rin) (Jul.23.09)
  8. "Hikari" (Miku) (Aug.03.09)
  9. "Tane" (Rin) (Aug.07.09)
  10. "Otome Heart" (Miku) (Aug.13.09)
  11. "Hikari (encode mix)" (Miku) (Aug.17.09)
  12. "Cream and Chocolate (encode mix)" (Rin) (Aug.17.09)
  13. "Nostalgia" (Rin) (Aug.25.09)
  14. "Yasashii Kiseki" (Rin) (Sep.07.09)
  15. "Milky way" (Rin) (Sep.28.09)
  16. "Ashita kara no boku" (GUMI) (Oct.12.09)
  17. "Uchi ni kaerou" (Rin) (Oct.28.09)
  18. "Mujuryouku" (Rin) (Nov.26.09)
  19. "Christmas no Shita de" (Rin) (Dec.14.09)
  20. "Heart of Gold" (Miku) (Dec.29.09)
  21. "Ima mo Oyasumi" (Rin) (Jan.09.10)
  22. "Plastic Heart" (Rin) (Feb.02.10)
  23. "Tomodachi no Mama" (Rin) (Mar.01.10)
  24. "Over the time" (Rin) (Mar.26.10)
  25. "Kimi to Yume" (Rin) (Apr.27.10)
  26. "Sono te no Cho de" (Rin) (Aug.05.10)
  27. "Eye Note" (Rin) (Aug.20.10)
  28. "Hannyashinkyou famima nyuutenon mitsu kusu" (Miku) (Sep.08.10)
  29. "Kimi to watashi to ichigo miruku" (Rin) (Oct.03.10)
  30. "Nakimushi Pierrot" (Rin) (Nov.22.10)
  31. "Amegari no Taiyou" (Miku, GUMI, Rin, Len) (Dec.11.10)
  32. "Labyrinth" (Rin) (Feb.02.11)
  33. "Torikago no Naka no Maria" (Rin) (Mar.02.11)
  34. "Amadeus no Yuutsu" (GUMI) (May.25.2011)
  35. "Tenshi no Crayon" (Rin) (Jun.15.11)
  36. "Kirei Koto" (Rin) (Jun.27.11)
  37. "1000 no kioku" (GUMI) (Jul.13.11)
  38. "Chemical Emotion" (Rin, GUMI) (Aug.03.11) with subtitles
  39. "indigo flower" (Rin, GUMI) (Oct.05.11)
  40. "Paralell Transistor" (Rin) (Dec.07.11)
  41. "Hashiru Shoujo no 1-byo" (GUMI) (Jan.04.12)
  42. "Chemical Emotion -navy blue mix-" (Rin, GUMI) (Mar.07.12)
  43. "Pure Rythm" (Rin, GUMI) (Mar.14.12)
  44. "Good day sunshine" (Rin) (Apr.17.12)
  45. "Kimi Namida" (Rin) (Apr.24.12)
  46. "Voice of Soul" (Rin, GUMI) (Jun.20.12)
  47. "Noa" (Lapis) (Jun.27.12) with subtitles
  48. "Fuukakai Diver" (Rin, GUMI) (Sep.26.12)
  49. "UnitexDelight" (Rin) (Jan.03.13)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

ケミカルエモーション (Chemical Emotion)

Uploaded 2011.08.03 Featuring Kagamine Rin, GUMI
Music muhmue Main article ケミカルエモーション (Chemical Emotion)
Lyrics muhmue
Video eb
muhmue's most popular song with over 100,000 views.