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Image of "Murmurs of Time"
Song title
  • "Murmurs of Time"
Uploaded December 20, 2014, with 3,700+ Niconico views, 43,100+ YouTube views, and 1,100+ SoundCloud views

Background Edit

A birthday song for OLIVER, according to momocashew, it is written in an "entirely made-up language".

Lyrics Edit

Fëj lućîna tis cœllj
Jût am papiÿon es tîve ein
Boumônd vuß kou läment
Ego vîve libér te
Der tëndo hou laj sûffle
Pierämento deß cik vu nom
Es colt mürhe mürhe
Ego nesjô

Jût am vessallä ojeÿa
Terhaćîk vu non quarêt rhje
Frœleß boi san nauće hêx
Vun somélle somélle te
Aasłaf vit rheß ciel
Märha perllucîdas
Inniß vîktarh vuvà vuvà
Somélle somélle


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