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  • "Mute Memory"
Uploaded December 10, 2012, with 2,200+ YouTube views
  • Voca Peach


Here is small nod to a favourite game of mine called Ib. This song was created very quickly, it just kind of happened.

Ib's opening theme with lyrics.

Thank you for listening.

"Mute Memory" is an original song by Voca Peach featuring galaco.


Picture on the wall.
Did it just move!?
Crazy ladies, With, No head and no soul.

Help, I am so stuck!
In this bad dream of make believe,
With this red, Red Rose,
I am alone.

Wandering around,
Getting clues, Solving puzzles,
Along the way!

Garry and Mary,
Is something wrong?
The choice I make.
Which one I will pick; Seal their fate away.

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