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  • "My Friend The Oarfish"
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A song about the Oarfish a large, greatly elongated, pelagic lampriform fish belonging to the small family Regalecidae.


Swimming deep, beyond the reefs
Sitting my friend the Oarfish
No one knows where he goes
Or what he thinks about it

Under deep a swift swim
Walking in the waves
Drifting here sleeping there
Perfect harmony

Creature of the deep
Swimming rapidly
My friend the Oarfish
Living happily

La la la laa

Near or far there you are
Sitting, Mr. The-Oarfish
No one knows where you go
Or what you think about it

The deep blue, me and you
Surfacing gently
I'm like you, you're like me
Laughing blissfully

Creature of the deep
Calling calmly
Surrounded by clown fish
Dance in my dreams

Creature of the deep
La la la laa
Surrounded by clown fish
Dance in my dreams

A thick bubble wall
Crumbles beneath my feet
My friend the Oarfish
Is right here with me

La la la laa

Mm mm mmm

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