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"My Name Is Oliver"
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frostyman116 (music, lyrics)
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I'm not sure why I made this but I did! :D

Anywhos this is a song about Ollie trying to convince someone to buy him.

A song featuring OLIVER. It was written to convince someone to buy OLIVER. The original song is "Fun Fun Fun dayo" from the anime Lucky Star.


My name is Oliver,
My name is Oliver
I'm here to sing any song that you can think of.

I want to sing your song.
Please let me sing your song.
I'll try my hardest to do the best that I can.

I may not be the,
Greatest singer there is,
But I hope that you will pick me.

I'm just a choir boy,
Also a Vocaloid,
Created to sing any melody for you.

I want to be the one to bring your song to life.
Please pick me I really want to sing for you.

Giving my all,
I'll sing your great song of any,
Genre because that's what I'm made for.

So just leave it to me,
I'll be singing on key.
I'll try hard to hit every high note.

My name is Oliver,
My name is Oliver.
I'm here to sing any song that you can think of.

So let me be the one that you make sing your song.
I want to impress you with my singing talents.

So will you choose me,
To sing one of your awe-
-some songs,
That you make?
Please, for me?

La la la la la,
La la la la la,
La la la la la la la la la.

Do do do do,

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