マイネームイズラヴソング (My Name is Love Song) is an album featuring many of Neru's popular songs. It contains 11 tracks sung by Kagamine Rin and Len.

The limited edition includes an extra CD containing rearranges of Neru’s works by popular creators such as Osamuraisan, N-buna, PinocchioP, Mafumafu, 150P and more.

A crossfade of the album can be seen on NicoNico.

The album is available from Amazon JP, CD Japan, HMV, and Animate.

The limited edition of the album can be purchased from Amazon JP, CD Japan, HMV, and Animate.

Released September 30, 2015
Producer Neru
Price ¥2,000
Illust. Sidu
Track list
1. 世界を壊している
Sekai o Kowashiteiru / Terminating the World
Kagamine Rin
2. 人生は吠える
Jinsei wa Hoeru
Kagamine Rin
3. イドラのサーカス
Idola no Circus
Kagamine Rin
4. アノニマス御中
Anonymous Onchuu
Kagamine Len
5. ばいばい、ノスタルジーカ
Bye-bye, Nostalgica
Kagamine Len
6. ハリボテ
Kagamine Len
7. FPS
Kagamine Len
8. 脱獄
Datsugoku / Jailbreak
Kagamine Rin
9. 洗脳
Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
10. テロル
Kagamine Rin
11. マイネームイズラヴソング
My Name is Love Song
Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Sekai Seifuku
Sekai Seifuku

Promotion / Special OffersEdit

  • Limited edition privilege: Tracklist featuring several Utaites and remixes.
  • Animate Store Bonus: Original tin badge illustrated by Ryuuseee.
  • TOWER RECORDS Bonus: Lost One no Goukoku Remix CD.
  • TSUTAYA Bonus: Original clearfile illustrated by 456.