Namagoroshi-P (生殺しP) is a painter and PV producer. His PVs are very humorous which can turn a scary song into a laughable one. Many of his works have more than 100,000 view counts.

He's also known for his mini Honobono KAIMEI Shien Series.

STATUS:January 2008 → Assumed active
Namagoroshi-P avatar
OFFICIAL:Website: Tapi
URL(s)Nico Nico
Gallery: Pixiv
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Honobono KAIMEI Shien" (Jan.21.2008) with subtitles
  2. "Road Roller no Uta (PV)" (Jan.28.2008) (Ransuu-P)
  3. "DokiDoki KAIMEI Shien" (Feb.08.2008)
  4. "Honobono KAIMEI Shien 2" (Feb.11.2008) with subtitles
  5. "Honobono KAIMEI Shien 3" (Feb.21.2008) with subtitles
  6. "Honobono KAIMEI Shien 4 + Omake" (Mar.17.2008) with subtitles
  7. "Kokoro・Kiseki (PV)" (May.07.2008) (Jun-P)
  8. "Honobono KAIMEI Shien 2 (Niisan Mousou Full ver.)" (May.12.2008)
  9. "Akuno Meshitsukai (PV)" (May.23.2008) (Akuno-P) with subtitles
  10. "Akuno Musume (PV)" (May.30.2008) (Akuno-P) with subtitles
  11. "Regret Message (PV)" (Jun.07.2008) (Akuno-P) with subtitles
  12. "World is Mine (PV)" (Jun.16.2008) (ryo)
  13. "Previous Story of 'Regret Message (PV)'" (Jun.18.2008)
  14. "KAIMEI Shien de WIM" (Jun.22.2008) with subtitles
  15. "Hitobashira Alice (PV)" (Jun.24.2008) (Ibitsu-P) with subtitles
  16. "Another : World is Mine (PV)" (Jul.13.2008) (ryo)
  17. "Dark Woods Circus (PV)" (Jul.27.2008) (Machigerita-P) with subtitles
  18. "Kokoro (PV)" (Aug.21.2008) (Toraboruta-P)
  19. "KAIMEI Shien de Sekaide Ichiban Ganbatte(ry (Full)" (Aug.22.2008)
  20. "Gekokujou (PV)" (Oct.24.2008) (Ikko-P)
  21. "D・J・R (PV)" (Dec.26.2008)
  22. "Okizari Tsukiyoshou (PV)" (Dec.27.2008) (Akuno-P) with subtitles
  23. "Nayami Muyou!! (PV)" (Jan.03.2009) (Putin-P)
  24. "Megurine Luka-san ga Derutoiukotode" (Jan.07.2009)
  25. "Machiwabite (PV)" (Apr.16.2009)
  26. "Tomoe" (Coproduction) (May.09.2009)
  27. "KAIMEI Shien de WIM (FULL)" (Dec.13.2009)
  28. "Magical ☆ Nuko LenLen (PV)" (Dec.28.2009) (Owata-P) (Bousou-P)
  29. "Len-Kun no Okurimono" (Dec. 28. 2009) (Musuka-P)
  30. "Machigai Reta" (Jan. 31. 2010) (Ann-Melts P)
  31. "Prince of Evil" (Len) (May. 10. 2011) (judge)
  32. "Maid of Evil" (Rin) (May. 10. 2011) (judge)

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