Nashimoto-P (梨本P), also known as Nashimoto We (梨本うい), is a producer well known for creating songs about the darker side of life, and his songs are known to have a slightly darker twist, for example, in I'm Only Just Getting Started and a few of his latest songs. He has sung a few of his songs at concerts and in private with a group called "Araiyakashiko."

He exclusively uses Hatsune Miku, and is known for making her sound "husky".

His PVs tend to be quite simple, consisting of one picture with the lyrics on screen, yet he has a fair amount of more detailed videos. His art is famous for having a black background with a white sketch, rough around the edges and flecks across the background. The style seems to portray that of a child's drawing.

Nashimoto-P was born August 3, 1987 and is the firstborn son of his family. He lives in Osaka.

STATUS:February 2009 → Present
URL(s)PIAPRO Twitter Blog YouTube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Waltz" (Feb.23.2009)
  2. "Kobuta no Buu-chan" (Feb.25.2009)
  3. "Meyani" (Feb.27.2009)
  4. "Jiyuu-chou (Unruled Notebook)" (Mar.01.2009)
  5. "Sanji no Honey (My Honey in the Tragic Dimension)" (Mar.04.2009) with subtitles
  6. "Otegami Choudai" (Mar.12.2009)
  7. "you" (from "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni") (Apr.03.2009
  8. "AaAaAaAAaAaAAa" (Apr.22.2009) with subtitles
  9. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni (When Swindlers Start Laughing Out)" (May.12.2009) with subtitles
  10. "Nare no Hate" (May.24.2009) with subtitles
  11. "Kokoro no Katachi (Shape of Heart)" (Jul.23.2009) with subtitles
  12. "Machibouke" (Oct.26.2009) with subtitles
  13. "Mesu-buta Abazure Inran-onna" (Oct.26.2009) with subtitles
  14. "Aburamushi" (Dec.11.2009)
  15. "Dokokade Taninga Shindeiru (People Are Dying Somewhere)" (Jan.13.2010) with subtitles
  16. "Shinitagari" (Feb.23.2010) with subtitles
  17. "Notarin・Furatsuki-Hen" (Apr.20.2010)
  18. "Kutabare PTA (Fuck You, PTA)" (May.26.2010)
  19. "Yakousei Niwatori Koushinkyoku (Nocturnal Chicken March)" (Aug.06.2010)
  20. "Scarlet Myrtle" (Aug.13.2010) (Arrange)
  21. "Dame na Hito" (Sept.15.2010) Youtube only
  22. "Mado no soto" (Oct.21.2010) (Album demo)
  23. "Waltz -Re masterized-" (Nov.12.2010)
  24. "Christmas Nanka Iranai (I Don't Need Christmas)" (Dec.15.2010) with subtitles
  25. "Boku wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake (I'm Only Just Getting Started)" (Feb.18.2011) with subtitles
  26. "Baka no Nomigusuri (An Idiot's Drug)" (May.03.2011) with subtitles
  27. "Kakokyuu Dance (Hyperventilation Dance)" (Aug.04.2011) with subtitles
  28. "Jisatsu Bushi (Suicide Song)" (Feb.03.2012) with subtitles
  29. "Oeoeo" (Feb.22.2013) with subtitles
  30. "Enkou Shoujo (Prostitute Girl)" (Jul.07.2013) with subtitles
  31. "Saitē no Hito (The Worst Person)" (Aug.18.2013) with subtitles
  32. "Shinitai Juudai, Koroshitai ni Juudai (Teenagers who wanna die、Twenties who wanna kill)" (Jun.09.2014) with subtitles
  33. "Kagami no Mukou no Minikui Watashi (The Hideous Me beyond the Mirror)" (Aug.03.2014) with subtitles
  34. "Atama ga Pākochan (The Child Whose Head Goes Pop)" (Sep.18.2014) with subtitles
  35. "Yoru no Owari (The Night's End)" (Feb.23.2015) with subtitles
  36. "Screaming Man B" (Oct.17.2015) with subtitles
  37. "Repeat" (Jan.30.2016) with subtitles
  38. "Kuso Mitaina J-POP" (Mar.18.2016)
  39. "Yomei Suu Juu-nen" (Aug.25.2016)
  40. "Dabururariatto (Double Lariat)" (Dec.13.2016)
  41. "Doutei San Juu-sai (30-year old Virgin)" (Feb.23.2017)
  42. "Tsumannee na" (Sep.01.2017)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ (AaAaAaAAaAaAAa)

Uploaded 2009.04.22 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P Main article あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ (AaAaAaAAaAaAAa)
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Nashimoto-P's 8th release.

ペテン師が笑う頃に (Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni)

Uploaded 2011.08.04 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P Main article ペテン師が笑う頃に (Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni)
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
When Swindlers Start Laughing Out.
One of Nashimoto-P's first songs, which reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube and 900,000+ on NND.

くたばれPTA (Kutabare PTA)

Uploaded 2010.05.26 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P Main article くたばれPTA (Kutabare PTA)
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Fuck You PTA.
Nashimoto's most popular song reaching over one million views. It has entered the Hall of Legend.

クリスマスなんかいらない (Christmas Nanka Iranai)

Uploaded 2010.12.15 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
I Don't Need Christmas.
Nashimoto's 23rd song. Author's Comment: "I feel ashamed. Heck."

僕はまだ本気出してないだけ (Boku wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake)

Uploaded 2011.02.18 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
I'm Only Just Getting Started.
Nashimoto-P's 24th release.

バカの飲み薬 (Baka no Nomigusuri)

Uploaded 2011.05.03 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
An Idiot's Drug.
Author's Comments: "How pitiful. Let's be careful when it comes to over-drinking." this, along with the lyrics, prove that this song refers to alcohol abuse, not drugs as most are led to believe. It currently has over 200,000 views and is Nashimoto's 25th song.

過呼吸ダンス (Kakokyuu Dance)

Uploaded 2011.08.04 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P Main article 過呼吸ダンス (Kakokyuu Dance)
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Hyperventilation Dance.
Nashimoto's 26th song with currently over 200,000 views. Author's Comments: "How pitiful. My physical strength fell remarkably recently."

ジサツブシ (Jisatsu Bushi)

Uploaded 2012.02.03 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Suicide Song.
"Isn't life just wonderful?" The song has reached over 200,000 views. His 27th song to date. Author's Comments: "What a shame."

エンコー少女 (Enkou Shoujo)

Uploaded 2013.07.07 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Prostitute Girl.
Nashimoto-P's 30th release. Author's Comment: "I'm ashamed. Love song."

死にたい十代、殺したい二十代 (Shinitai Juudai, Koroshitai Nijuudai)

Uploaded 2014.06.09 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Nashimoto-P Main article 死にたい十代、殺したい二十代 (Shinitai Juudai, Koroshitai Nijuudai)
Lyrics Nashimoto-P
Video Nashimoto-P
Teenagers Who Wanna Die, Twenties Who Wanna Kill.
Author's Comment: "I'm afraid. I made a pop song."


Title Owari
Mado no Soto
Producer Nashimoto-P Nashimoto-P
Release Date November 15, 2009 November 14, 2010
Title Te mo Ashi mo Deru no ni
Kashiko Ichigou
Producer Nashimoto-P Nashimoto-P
Release Date April 28, 2012 April 28, 2012

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