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音色 feat.VY1 (Neiro feat.VY1) is a compilation E.P of VY1's songs, and successor of Feat.VY1. It contains 6 tracks, sung by VY1, nayuta and Murasaki Hotaru.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here.

音色 feat.VY1
Released 14th November 2010
Producer Various
Price ¥ 500
Illust. hakus
Track list
1. why why world
Renton-P feat. VY1
2. 龍天に登る
Ryuu Ten ni Noboru
Bumpy Urushi feat. VY1
3. タウリン1000mg High Go!!
Taurine 1000mg High Go!!
monaca:factory feat. VY1
4. わたしとわたし
Watashi to Watashi
Kokuchou feat. Murasaki Hotaru, VY1 (chorus)
5. サイハテ -heavenly_mix-
Saihate -heavenly_mix- (The Farthest End -heavenly_mix-)
Kokuchou feat. nayuta, VY1 (chorus) (original by Kobayashi Onyx)
6. 月翅
Tsukihane (Moon Wings)
Seiko-P feat. VY1
Album VocaloidSP-CD
Neiro 2.0

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