"ねこのかんづめプレミアム" (Neko no Kandume Premium) is OSTER project's first unofficial album (released same day as Miku no Kanzume). It contains 9 tracks and is the first instrumental album that OSTER project has released. All of the songs have a jazzy undertone with pop themes played on an electric guitar and other electronic instruments.

The official album website is available here.

The album is purchasable on Amazon.

NOTE: None of the songs in the album are sung by Vocaloids, the album is here for information regarding OSTER project's works and to keep up to date with the album numbers. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

Neko no Kandume Premium - album illust
Released December 3, 2008
Producer OSTER project
Price ¥1,632
Illust. Yおじ
Label Groove note
Track list
1. A black cat plays intense jazzy phrases -X8 ver.-
instrumental/off vocal
2. A white cat sings lovely jazz waltz -X8 ver.-
instrumental/off vocal
3. A lunar CAT 52 the GAL∀XY ocean -X8 ver.-
instrumental/off vocal
4. A rainbow cat flies to the infinite mirage
instrumental/off vocal
5. 捨猫ト秋ノ空
Autumn sky remote stray cat
instrumental/off vocal
6. デジネコポップ
Digital Cat Pop
instrumental/off vocal
7. A rocket cat dives into sonic sounds
instrumental/off vocal
8. Every cat dances to the premium music
instrumental/off vocal
9. ナナイロパンダ(32ビットフルカラーMIX)
Rainbow Panda (32-bit full color MIX)
instrumental/off vocal
Cd mikunokanzunu
Miku no Kanzume