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ネメシスの銃口 (The Muzzle of Nemesis) is AkunoP's eleventh Vocaloid album. It consists of 10 songs. A crossfade of the album can be heard here.

This album was distributed at Comic Market 86.[1]

Nemesis no Juukou album
Released August 17, 2014
Producer Akuno-P
Price ¥1,493
Illust. Ichika
Label the heavenly yard
Track list
1. master of the hellish yard
2. ネメシスの銃口
Nemesis no Juukou / The Muzzle of Nemesis
3. 最後のリボルバー [Nemesis Version]
Saigo no Revolver / The Last Revolver
4. そして少女は狂いだした―終末月夜抄―
Soshite Shoujo wa Kurui Dashita -Shuumatsu Tsukiyo Shou- / And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-
5. 魔道師二人旅~長壁と番人~
Madoushi Futari Tabi ~Chouheki to Bannin~ / The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~
6. またたき
Matataki / Blink
Kagamine Rin
7. 針音ノ時計塔
Shinon no Tokeitou / Handbeat Clocktower
KAITO, Kaai Yuki
8. プラトーの花
Plateau no Hana / Flower of the Plateau
Hatsune Miku Append Solid
9. チミドロスイッチ
Chimidoro Switch / Blood Stained Switch
10. 僕らを見ていた
Bokura wo Mite Ita / Watching Us
Megurine Luka
Aku no Musume Dokusho no Tame no BGM Shuu
Seven Crimes and Punishments album
Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu


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