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Song title
  • "New world"
Uploaded September 6, 2013, with 31,000+ YouTube views
  • Gramline a.k.a O.N.O


This track is produced by THA BLUE HERB's track maker O.N.O. using his alias Gramline for this project.

Enjoy a new view of the world with this unique groove combining new beat dimensions with V3 English!

— Publisher's comment


So finally we meet here
in a world that keeps on shining

Every time we start walking
Every time we take a step

Our vision is reborn

But we knew
The world is disturbed with noise

We have to pay the price for
Bringing light into this cold dark night

And to become one with this scattered body
The particle that goes through all

A thank you and it is forgiven
and our wisdom is renewed

It feels as if I could touch you
while running up a hill of gravity

This won't change anymore
I don't lie

If you believe in it
And the world still keeps shining

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