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On the Vocaloid Wiki, we link to various video-sharing and audio streaming websites. Here are a listing of sites we currently embed into templates such as {{Song box 2}}, {{Derivatives}} and {{SongID}}. There are also a gathering of links featured on producer pages, who host their works on these sites.

Websites by name, abbreviation, official url, and url numeral code, reference.


5Sing Edit

abbv: 5s

AcFun Edit

abbv: ac

Bandcamp Edit

Not featured in a Vocaloid Wiki template.

Bilibili Edit

abbv: bb

Douban Edit

abbv: do

Muzie Edit

abbv: mz

Niconico Edit

abbv: nn

Piapro Edit

abbv: pp

SoundCloud Edit

abbv: sc and sc em

TmBox Edit

abbv: tm

Vimeo Edit

abbv: vm

VocaDB Edit

abbv: db

YouTube Edit

abbv: yt


  • Besides Piapro, niconico is the primary source for VOCALOID producers to showcase their finished works.
    • As more songs were uploaded to the site, a rank system was created called the 週刊VOCALOIDランキング "Weekly Vocaloid Ranking", which is a ranking of the most popular VOCALOID songs from the past week using statistics from Nico Nico Douga's metrics.
    • In rare cases, some producers may achieve in getting signed with a record company. But more commonly producers release their works using a music service site or creating a CD. Niconico is also a place that brought together, and spawned, many doujin music groups, "Supercell" being a notable example of this.

Important Websites

Below is a list of related websites where you will find more on VOCALOID related websites.

Top communities:

Popular media hosts:

Popular blogs/fansites:

Popular databases:

Record labels:

Official websites:

To be listed post your URL here.

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