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  • "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!"
Uploaded July 25, 2010, with 2,890,000+ Niconico views
  • daniwellP (music, lyrics, illustration, video)


Nyan or nya is the Japanese word for meow (the cat cry): thus, the title means Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow!. The song is an endless loop of Miku saying "Nya" over and over while pouncing. Back in 2010, this song was obscure to those outside the VOCALOID and UTAU fandom, until Momo's version came into light.

On April 5, Saraj00n uploaded a video of a Poptart Cat with UTAU Momone Momo's voice on YouTube. The song became popular, under the name of Nyan Cat. It quickly spread around and became an internet meme appearing in multiple sites, blogs, and social networks. It quickly rose to fame over the next few months, and there it started about the origin of the song. The meme has become so popular that daniwell has accepted the name Nyan Cat as the name of an official album.

This song is featured in the EXIT TUNES compilation album Vocalonation. It has also entered the Hall of Legend.

Popularity and confusionEdit

Non-VOCALOID fans (fans of the Nyan Cat video) and VOCALOID fans debated on the originality, some incorrectly claiming Nyan Cat came first, while the latter correctly claimed the song was by daniwellP. It caused flame wars for Japanese fans on the supposed Nyan Cat video on Niconico, telling them to "get lost" or to speak Japanese, as it is customary in NND to speak Japanese.

It was during that time a few people visited daniwell's original video and Momo's Niconico Video cover, helping it getting more views. At the same time, it helped spread the VOCALOID fandom around the West even more.

The confusion died down after a few months prior to the Nyan Cat Video, but it left a bad impression on both sides.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Vocalonation PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Eromame
Category Alternate PV (hand-drawn)
Nyan Cat PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) EXIT TUNES
Category Alternate PV (hand-drawn)
RE: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!(NEKOMATAGI REMIX)
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) daniwellP
Category Remix
Nyan Cat EX (Self Remix)
Featuring Momone Momo
Author(s) daniwellP
Category Remix
^・ω・^)ノ Nyan Cat Piano
Author(s) daniwellP
Category Instrumental Arrangement
Nyan Cat (Momo 10th Anniversary)
Featuring Momone Momo, Hatsune Miku
Author(s) daniwellP
Category Succeeding version


Momo Momone's Cover
Featuring Momo Momone
Author(s) MomomomoP (ももももP)
Category UTAU cover

Tom Brier's Ragtime Cover
Author(s) Tom Brier
Category Arrange Cover
I Nyaned For Hours ( ' W')‼
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) YZYX
Category Remix

Nyanyanyanyanya! 3DPV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) R.Two
Category Fanmade PV (CGI, MMD)
Nyan Cat in Kyoto
Featuring Momone Momo
Author(s) Milo
Category Fanmade PV

Featuring Dawg
Author(s) Kumbancha
Category UTAU cover, Parody

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Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f YouTube



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