"OFFICIAL ORANGE" is Hachi's fourth album; it features 5 new (at the time) tracks (tracks 1, 4, 8, 10, and 12). This album mainly features Hatsune Miku, but also GUMI, Megurine Luka, and Hachi himself on the last track. 

A crossfade can be heard here.

Official Orange by Hachi
Released November 14, 2010
Producer Hachi
Price ¥1,500
Illust. Hachi
Track list
1. パンダヒーロー
Panda Hero
2. 演劇テレプシコーラ (retake ver.)
Engeki Terepushikoora (retake ver.) / Telepsychola Theatric (retake ver.)
Hatsune Miku
3. リンネ
Rinne / Lynne
Hatsune Miku
4. 神様と林檎飴
Kami-sama to Ringo Ame / God and the Candy Apples
Hatsune Miku
5. 結んで開いて羅刹と骸 (retake ver.)
Musunde, Hiraite, Rasetsu to Mukuro(retake ver.) / Close and Open, Demons and The Dead
Hatsune Miku
6. 沙上の夢喰い少女
Shajou no Yumekui Shōjo / The Dream-Eating Girl on the Sand
Megurine Luka
7. 病棟305号室
Byoutou 305 Goushitsu / Ward Room 305
Hatsune Miku
8. 眩暈電話
Memai Denwa / Vertigo Phone
Hatsune Miku
9. マトリョシカ
Hatsune Miku, GUMI
10. 白痴
Hakuchi / Idiocy
11. ワンダーランドと羊の歌
Wonderland to Hitsuji no Uta / Wonderland and the Sheep's Song
Hatsune Miku
12. 遊園市街
Yuuen Shigai / Urban Playground
Wonderland and the Sheep's Song
Go Go Yūreisen

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