ONA (or Ona) is an alternate mascot for the VOCALOID MAIKA, licensed to Voctro Labs, S.L., and is created to be used in concerts and events.[2] Her Catalan singing was more heavily marketed than the same voicebank represented by MAIKA.


ONA made her first appearance at Mercè Festival at Ciutadella Park on September 20, 2013.[3] The project was a collaboration between The Lab Barcelona, La Merced (ICUB) and Voctro Labs.[4] This concert featured a model of her singing on stage, while people backstage could control a model of Bruno or Clara while dancing. People at the concert were able to propose the lyrics she sang via Twitter.[5][6]

ONA is not the first known case of a Catalan vocal for VOCALOID™ existing, but rather the second. A prototype male vocal was shown during a TEDx conference. However, she is the first known female Catalan vocal.



ONA means 'wave' in Catalan.


ONA was illustrated by Inés Campos. She has a more occidental aesthetic and her colorful outfit was inspired by the mosaic works of Antoni Gaudí. On her back, she has a waveform-like pattern, in reference to her name.[7]

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Released during voice bank development.

#OnaEstiu YouTube
#OnaFesta YouTube
#OnaCiutat YouTube
#OnaFutur YouTube
Viu-la YouTube
These songs were introduced at a virtual concert event in Mercè of Barcelona in 2013.[8]
Other performances

Corren (Run) YouTube
Amagada primavera (Hidden spring) YouTube
Una altra galàxia (Another galaxy) YouTube

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Package details
Like MAIKA, the voice provider has never been revealed. For a period of time, it was unclear whether MAIKA and ONA were separate VOCALOIDs. It was first stated by Voctro Labs that they share the same voice provider.[9] In 2014, Giuseppe revealed that both MAIKA and ONA are the same VOCALOID3 library. While MAIKA represents the Spanish usage of the vocals, ONA represents the Catalan one.[10] On May 5, 2014, Voctro Labs explicitly confirmed ONA and MAIKA's status as two designs for the same voicebank.[11]
Voicebank sample




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