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VY2V3 and Kagamine Rin
EmpathP (music, lyrics)
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This song is EmpathP's 25th original VOCALOID work. The song was inspired by a vacation she and her family took over the holidays to Washington, D.C.. On the way there, she rode the "Orange Line" metro, where some of the footage was shot. It was also inspired by her friends from college, some of whom were graduating. This led her to the concept of "Returning home".

Succeeding versionsEdit

-GHPZ Remix-
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Author(s) Guitar Hero Piano Zero x EmpathP
Category VOCALOID cover, Remix
-piano version-
Featuring YOHIOloid
Author(s) EmpathP
Category Succeeding version
-Festival Mix-
Featuring Merli
Author(s) EmpathP x Lystrielle
Category Succeeding version


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) English
ポケットの中に隠さねる poketto no naka ni kakusa neru It's hidden inside my pocket
秘密の形見がある himitsu no katami ga aru A secret memento
君に見せたい この気持ち kimi ni misetai kono kimochi I want to show this feeling to you
ねえ、きっと気づいていないよ nee, kitto kidzuite inayo Surely you haven't noticed it yet

窓の外ぼやけた世界 mado soto boyaketa sekai Outside the window is a blurry world
もっと もっと、全部混ざり合う motto motto, zenbu mazari au More and more, it all mixes together
伝えたい言葉 言えない tsutaetai kotoba ienai The words I want to convey, I just can't say them
明日、忘れられるかな? ashita, wasure rareru ka na? I wonder if it will be forgotten tomorrow?

季節の変わり目に立った kisetsu no kawarime ni tatta I stood at the turn of the season
電車の鐘が響いた densha no kane ga hibiita The train bell rang out
君の涙の味は苦い思い出 kimi no namida no aji wa nigai omoi de The taste of your tears are bitter memories

「So go back。」

出会った場所に帰りたいの Deatta basho ni kaeritai no I'd like to return to that place where we met
その瞬間に戻れないよ Sono shunkan ni modorenaiyo I can't return to that moment
君に会いできれば 私は何でもしてね Kimi ni aide kireba watashi wa nandemo shite ne I would do anything to be able to see you again

君と夢見た未来は Kimi to yume mita mirai wa The future I dreamed of with you
遠い昔の思い出だけ Tooi mukashi no omoi dedake Is now only a distant memory
新しい未来に向かっての Atarashii mirai ni mukatte no I am heading towards a new future
そこで 君と会いたいよ Sokode kimi to aitaiyo And I want to meet you there

過去は振り返らない Kako wa furikaeranai Don't look back on the past
この願いを信じたい Kono negai o shinjitai I want to believe in this wish
今は別辞みたい 怖くないよ Ima wa betsu ji mitai kowakunai yo I'm like a different person now and I'm not afraid

「So go back。」

君は今どこにいるの? Kimi wa ima doko ni iru no? Where are you now?
その声が呼んでるよ Sono koe ga yon deru yo That voice is to calling me
悔しい!君の距離が あまりにも遠くてね Kuyashii! Kimi no kyori ga amarini mo tookute ne It's frustrating! The distance to you is too far

取り残された街で Torinokosa reta machi de In the town I left behind
いつも問題から逃げようと Itsumo mondai kara nigeyou to I always tried to run away from my problems
時間が私に追いついてきたのね Jikan ga watashi ni oitsuite kita no ne Now time has caught up with me

Go back to you
I Want to go back to you
「So go back。」

出会った場所に帰りたいの Deatta basho ni kaeritai no I'd like to return to that place where we met
その瞬間に戻れないよ Sono shunkan ni modorenaiyo I can't return to that moment
そう、分かる。言い訳なしよ Sou, wakaru. Iiwake nashi yo Yes, I understand. There are no more excuses
「今、君に会いでいに行く」 "Ima, kimi ni ai de i ni iku" "Now, I will go to meet you"


KAITO and Len's Cover
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