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  • "Ocean's Call"
Uploaded May 14, 2015, with 130+ SoundCloud views
  • Maestro uP


A mixture of my thoughts, both literally and metaphorically, on moving to the ocean.

Track made with Reason and Vocaloid 4, Cyber Diva.

Ocean's Call is a original song by Maestro uP featuring CYBER DIVA.


The ocean calls out to me,
beckoning with her waves lullaby
Who am I to resist,
to deny that siren's charm on the salty breeze.

Her gentle and cool caress,
soothes from skin down into the soul
Her current's pull to strong,
we've been told how this story unfolds, no need to guess.

So I arrive at water's break,
born anew in the same skin
I deeply breathe in,
and slowly begin to comprehend,
this was not just for my own sake.

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