Image of "Oliver's Lullaby"
Song title
  • "Oliver's Lullaby"
Uploaded December 23, 2011, with 20,800+ YouTube views
  • Heikki


"Oliver's Lullaby" is an original OLIVER song. A brief, peaceful lullaby created to demonstrate the English voicebank prior to its release. It is the ninth demo written for OLIVER.


When the day has lost its way
And darkness falls around
I will burn a candle bright
I will lead the way
To distant land
Singing hand in hand
Till the light will call us
A new day have begun

Turn your thought to happy days
Sweet dreams will come your way
I will sing a song for you
You can sing it to
Beautiful and strong
I'll sing it all night long
Till your dreams are over
A new day has begun

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