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  • "One By One"
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Nothing much to say for this one, it's just like that one other song where, you know, just me reading too much, uhm, you know
— Author's comment
"One By One" is an original Sonika song. It is featured in the album So What, and is described as the "last yuri song in the album".


I think I'm drowning
I wanna break this charm
and set myself free

you're something else
a mad addiction
I could never guess
this unpredictable mess

I won't let you run away
I won't let you go away

now that you know you are trapped
I will take the life out of you

one by one
breath by breath
I'm taking the life out of you

one by one
kiss by kiss
I'm squeezing the life out of you

one by one
slowly and surely
I'm losing control in front of you

one by one
I can't wait
I want it now
I want it now

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