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  • "One on my mind"
Uploaded Jan 26, 2013 (YouTube demo) Dec 13, 2013 (Album release), with 370+ YouTube views


One on my mind is the first song on the AVANNA EP.

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One on my mind (House)(Demo version)
Featuring AVANNA
Author(s) coralmines
Category Original song demo


You are the one that's on my mind
I would come back to your side
You are the one that's on my mind
I would come back to your side

This feeling's something I can't define
I think that this well could be a sign
It's only you that I can see
When I close my eyes

It's too romantic to think that I
Could be this happy to see you smile
I wish that I could find the way
To get to your heart

Let's go to some place
Far away
You are the one
Ah ah

Drifting through the dark
I can see the light
Deep inside my head
It's you and I
Come on let my love
Lead you through the night
It was meant to be
Could you be mine?
Falling to the edge
There's no way to stop
Right into your arms
I don't know why
You are the one that's on my mind

The distance between us' so closer than now
I wonder if you feel the same as mine
Your hand will soon be touching mine
The timing's so right
Just wanna sit and talk to you
About the things I want to do
It's only one thing I am sure
Is that I love you

Closer to outer space
Stars away
Oh you are the one
Ah Ah

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