Oten-P (汚点P / hoheto) is a cover producer famous for his "Loli Yuukai" (parody of iroha(sasaki)'s Roshin Yuukai). It reached over 600,000 views; he has a reputation of making Len a Loli lover and Rin as the loli. Many of his works involve a loli lover (Len) who loves lolis (in his mini PVs; often depicted as young Rin).

Other notable works from Oten-P are "Oniichan to Just be Friends" (Parody of Dixie Flatline's Just be Friends) and "Kageloli Days" (Parody of Shizen no Teki-P's Kagerou Days)

STATUS:January 2009 → Assumed active
URL(s)Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Loli Yuukai" (Len) (Jan.29.2009)
  2. "Roshin Yuukai (Len) (Loli Yuukai Hansei Kaijou)" (Feb.01.2009)
  3. "Takkorasex" (Luka) (Feb.06.2009)
  4. "Sennen no Dokusouka (Luka)" (Feb.08.2009)
  5. "Kou-ketsuatsu Girl -Daretoku remix-" (Len) (Feb.20.2009)
  6. "Nanairo no NicoNicoDouga with VOCALOID Nenshou-gumi" (Jun.08.2009)
  7. "Paipan-P Gochamaze MIX" (Miku) (Aug.01.2009)
  8. "Oniisan to Just be friends" (Len) (Jan.29.2010)
  9. "Ashita wa HAPPY☆ Valentine!" (Len) (Feb.13.2011)
  10. "World" (Len) (Mar.21.2011)
  11. "HATSUNE WAVES" (Miku) (May.24.2011)
  12. "KageLoli Days" (Len) (Jan.28.2012)
  13. "Sweat Girl wa Kujikenai" (Rin) (Feb.29.2012)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

ロリ誘拐 (Loli Yuukai)

Uploaded 2009.01.29 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Oten-P Main article ロリ誘拐 (Loli Yuukai)
Video Oten-P

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