Otona-P (大人P) also known as Mitsu (蜜ー) is a producer known for making cover songs using Nekomura Iroha. Mitsu makes Iroha sing Kagamine Rin / Len songs, and is known to be able to tune Iroha in a similar voice as Kagamine Rin / Len.

Otona-P's most notable work is trick and treat (Kaito and Meiko's cover) and Paradichlorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene (Iroha's cover).

In some videos by Mitsu, he uses his own illustrations, though most of the illustrations in his videos are in silhouettes.

STATUS:June 2009 → Present
Otona-P avatar
OFFICIAL:Blog: xvxbxbxvx
URL(s)Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "magnet" (Kaito) (Jun. 19, 2009)
  2. "From Y to Y" (Kaito, Len) (Jul. 11, 2009)
  3. "From Y to Y" (Miku, Luka, Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len) (Jul. 19, 2009)
  4. "Jewel" (Kaito, Meiko) (Aug. 22, 2009)
  5. "Dance Site of Darkness" (Kaito, Meiko) (Sep. 21, 2009)
  6. "Paradichlorobenzene" (Kaito) (Sep. 28, 2009)
  7. "trick and treat" (Kaito, Meiko) (Oct. 18, 2009)
  8. "StarDust" (Meiko) (Nov. 09, 2009)
  9. "Brother Kidnapping" (Kaito, Len) (Jan. 29, 2010)
  10. "Child's Garden" (Kaito) (Feb. 14, 2010)
  11. "Futahako ://K" (Miku, Gackpo, Kaito, Meiko, Rin, Len) (Feb. 21, 2010)
  12. "Nazotoki" (Meiko, Kaito) (Jun. 13, 2010)
  13. "From Y to Y" (Rin, Len) (Jun. 26, 2010)
  14. "ParadichlorobenzenexAntichlorobenzene" (Iroha) (Sep. 30, 2010)
  15. "Dance Site of Darkness" (Iroha) (Oct. 09, 2010)
  16. "Anti-chlorobenzene" (Iroha) (Oct. 17, 2010)
  17. "trick and treat" (Iroha) (Oct. 31, 2010)
  18. "ParadichlorobenzenexAntichlorobenzene" (Iroha, Rin, Len) (Nov. 28, 2010)

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