Píngxíng Sì Jiè (Quadimension) is an album featuring Luo Tianyi's vocals and consists of nine songs. It is the first album in the series featuring Tianyi.

A crossfade of the album could be heard through YouTube, Soundcloud and on the official tumblr. It is available for purchase on taobao.

Released March 21st, 2014
Producer Various
Price 50 CNY
Illust. Gkun
Label Quadimension
Track list
1. Intro - Lalala
ZOMiG feat. Luo Tianyi
2. 莫名的嘔吐感
Mòmíng de Ǒutù Gǎn / Indescribable Feeling of Vomiting
麥當叔勞勞 feat. Luo Tianyi
3. 守护之翼
Shǒuhù Zhī Yì / Wings of Protection
Ddickky feat. Luo Tianyi
4. 韶音賦
Sháo Yīn Fù
Senjougahara Yousei feat. Luo Tianyi
5. Signal Scream
ZOMiG feat. Luo Tianyi
6. 造夢器
Zào Mèng Qì / Dream Generator
Senjougahara Yousei feat. Luo Tianyi
7. 對眼兒
Duì Yǎn Er
麥當叔勞勞 feat. Luo Tianyi
8. 染殤
Rǎn Shāng
Ddickky feat. Luo Tianyi
9. Lalala. Refrain
Luo Tianyi
Quadimension 2
Píngxíng Sì Jiè 2 (平行四界 2)

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