"Píngxíng Sì Jiè 5" (Quadimension 5) is an upcoming album that features Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, and Stardust. This is the first album in the series featuring Stardust and it contains ten tracks.

The crossfade could be viewed on YouTube and on bilibili. It could be purchased on taobao.

Quadimension 5
Released July 10, 2016
Producer Various
Price 50 - 120 RMB
Illust. TOMATO
Label Quadimension
Track list
1. 心之鸣奏
Xīn zhī Míng Zòu
Hong feat. Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Stardust
2. 旧时光,老地方
Jiù Shíguāng, Lǎo Dìfāng
Xiwang Suo Ren Hezi feat. Luo Tianyi
3. Shutter Chance!!
Xiaoming Shi Gen Cao feat. Stardust
4. 寿星街小结巴
Shòuxing Jiē Xiǎo Jiēbā
Jiangwuluanwan feat. Yuezheng Ling
5. Startale
stk4n3 feat. Stardust
6. 忧-Blue-
ceekyo feat. Luo Tianyi
7. 迷路小鹿
Mílù Xiǎolù
Da Huntun feat. Stardust
8. 我偏独坐第一香
Wǒ Piān Dú Zuò Dì Yī Xiāng
Lü Xie, MeLo feat. Yuezheng Ling
9. 雪之花
Xuě zhī Huā / Snowflake
Zeno feat. Stardust
10. 最后的歌
Zuìhòu de Gē
Ddicky feat. Luo Tianyi
Quadimension 4
Píngxíng Sì Jiè 4 (平行四界 4)

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