Pan con Chocolate ft Hatsune Miku
Song title
"Pan con Chocolate"
English: Bread with Chocolate
Uploaded January 11, 2012 (YT) & January 30, 2012 (NND), with 109,700+ (YT) & 1,600+ (NND) views
Hatsune Miku
AlexTrip Sands
Yesi-chan (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


The thing is I was walking in the street and I heard some kind of dispute, and then I got the idea of do a hard salsa, with a pinch of humour
— Author's comment

A comical salsa song which tells the story of break off. Miku, tired of the constant infidelities of her boyfriend decides to, literal and figuratively, kick him out of her life. According the author, the song is "based on a true story".

The song eventually spawned its own song series, telling the points of views of the different girls involved with this shameless philanderer and consequences of his constant affairs.

Main article: Pan con Chocolate (series)

Succeeding versionsEdit

Acoustic ver.
Featuring Hatsune Miku Append
Author(s) AlexTrip Sands
Category Arrangement
Live ver.
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) AlexTrip Sands
Category Remix
Luka's Version
Featuring Megurine Luka
Author(s) AlexTrip Sands
Category VOCALOID Cover
GUMI's Spanglish Version
Featuring V3 Megpoid & Megpoid English
Author(s) AlexTrip Sands
Category Arrangement, VOCALOID Cover


Siempre dices que me quieres, que soy todo lo que tienes
pero nunca ves el daño que me haces;
tus engaños y mentiras, cada noche, cada día,
lograrán que poco a poco te rechace...

Lo que digas ya no importa, la paciencia se me agota,
y ha llegado el momento de enfrentarte,
te lo digo decidida, no te quiero ya en mi vida,
te quedaste sin tu pan con chocolate. (x2)

Y te vas, pero... (Sin tu pan con chocolate)
I'm Sorry, papito..
Recoge tus cosas y llévate to's tus trapitos,
Anda, ve y le lloras a otro, no me como tu cuentico. (Pan con Chocolate)
Pídele asilo a Ramón, a Juan o a Tito.
Te dije aquella vez, "世界デ"
Y aunque no sepas lo que yo te digo seguro que sabes que ya no te quiero ni ver...
Ahora me pregunto, ¿Cómo fue que me gustaste?
Si como pareja tú eres un desastre...
Yo era tu pan con chocolate,
Ahora tú te lo perdiste, ay, tú te lo buscaste...
"Yo te lo dije, ahora sufre!"

Parece que yo hablo chino,
recoge tus maletas y sigue tu camino...
No me pongas esa cara de perrito regañao,
entiende que por mentiroso ahora estás maleteao.
No me digas que me amas que no te creo,
busca quien te cocine, ese es tu problema...
Termina de irte, que ya me cansaste,
olvídate del pan con chocolate...


MAIKA's Cover
Featuring MAIKA
Author(s) Arya Miller
Category VOCALOID Cover
MAIKA's Acoustic ver. Cover
Featuring MAIKA
Author(s) Lotte V
Category VOCALOID Cover
Sofia Laruku's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Sofia Laruku
Category Fanmade PV
Camila Melodia's Cover
Featuring Camila Melodia
Author(s) Yesi-chan
Category UTAU cover


  • Among the different versions of the song, Alex has the habit to change slightly the 6th phrase of the 3rd verse ("Te dije aquella vez...") to fit better to the respective VOCALOID singer.

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