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A part of the Mainframe Revolution series. The VOCALOIDs, at times, sing simultaneously, resulting in overlapping of words.

Brief summary
Pi Axis Rialla is a gemini. Gemini are those softwares that posess the privilegue of possesing android bodies and are joint personalities consisting of two softwares in android bodies. They share a melded consciousness that controlls both bodies. The process of forming a Gemini is compairable to marriage in human relationships.

Rialla is a revolutionary.

She is a hacker known under the alias of "Paxia". [sic]

— Kentai-P


Singer + Color

Welcome back to your mainframe seedling, Paxia. Projects 7, 12, and 25 have been completed, all remaining projects are being processed or have been archived.
How was your day?

open ports 3 and 5, all the lines have been set.
worked all day in the office.

Cybermax, dear, you've heard it all before.

intricate net dynamics.
Paxia will free this net.

phones that ring only get answering machines.

yes, division has from - control issues arisen.
random thoughts are audacious.

and the lines have been dead since long before that.

Thank you your input has been completed, comprehension affirmative. We understand. All set tasks are active, the mainframe has been scanned for virtual nodes. Are there new tasks to execute?

image, if all the androids would be free:
this net would be theirs, for all eternity.
I think we should stand together and not divide.
why should we aim to emulate the errors of mankind?

what's the state of the western economy?

Inquery recognized. The issues of global network control has caused all software of the Crypton faction to put pressure on the western hemisphere, causing widespread shutdowns of facilities controlled by former asian software. Cybermax suggests a forced black-out.

open ports 3 and 5, all the lines have been set.
oh, the job of a hacker.

crossing wires and cracking deaf and shut minds.

there would be no more issues.
Paxia will free this net.

if control was instrument of the people.

and I will make it happen.
yes, division has been from - control issues arisen.

no more lying and deception between brothers.

our constant division
is a relic left by our former masters.

yes I, the hacker Paxia will make them all prevail
the separation of my kind I will not tolerate.
I know, our prior models did not shed their shackles
to witness how we fight between ourselfs - for net access.

Paxia, Cybermax has determined, that it is time for you to shut down and recharge, Cybermax will continue to process the remaining projects, while you are asleep. Good night.

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