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Because Vocaloid is a musical tool which attempts to rebuild the speech and expressive elements of a singing voice from a library of recorded samples, the phonologic and phonetic aspect are important elements behind it. Due this sooner or later, the user can't avoid to bump with them in a given time. For that reason, the users must be aware that may require some basic phonological and phonetic knowledge to utilize the software.

This article is an simplified attempt to help to user to understand the phonological and phonetic terms and definitions that can be encountered.

About LinguisticsEdit

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. This social science has various categories or branches that focus on different aspects of the language.

Although the Phonetics and Phonology

Phonetic AlphabetsEdit

In a attempt to classify the phones, several phonetics alphabets and scripts have been created.

The International Phonetic Alphabet (abbreviated as IPA) is a phonetic alphabet created by the International Phonetic Association in a attempt to standardize the representation of the sounds of spoken language. This alphabet uses symbols based in the Latin alphabet and is, arguably, the most utilized phonetic alphabet.

Another important phonetic alphabet is the the Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet also known as X-SAMPA. This phonetic alphabet is an extension of the SAMPA, another computer-readable phonetic script, based on the IPA, that uses ASCII characters and was created to work around the inability of text encodings to represent IPA symbols before the creation and extended use of the Unicode which, unlike the ASCII, supports the IPA's character. The X-SAMPA stills is utilized for input easily the phonemes using the common characters of a keyboard, and in the case of Vocaloid, the phonemes symbols are based on this transcription.



Please note we are waiting for more information on some languages


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