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Piapro Studio (ピアプロスタジオ) is a VSTi produced and developed by Crypton Future Media, meant for use in a DAW (digital audio workstation).


Piapro Studio

Piapro Studio's original interface

Piapro Studio is packaged along with most of CRYPTON's VOCALOID releases since KAITO V3. It is designed to replace the need for the standard VOCALOID Editor, allowing VOCALOIDs to be used without the need to purchase the full VOCALOID software. However, it was originally restricted to just working with KAITO V3, Hatsune Miku V3, and Hatsune Miku V3 English. As of the v1.2.0 update, any VOCALOID2 and VOCALOID3 voicebank can be imported into the program. As of version 2, it supports VOCALOID4 voicebanks and capabilities such as Growl and Cross-Synthesis. It has a VSTi interface and DAW plug-in capabilities. It can support multiple tracks and VSQx saving. Plug-in capabilities are also possible.

A PreSonus Studio One edition is also available with 4 virtual instruments supplied: Presence, SampleOne, Mojito and Impact.

Piapro Studio was later updated in December 2013 to be able to handle other VOCALOIDs besides those created by Crypton Future Media.[2] Currently, Piapro Studio supports all five of the Vocaloid languages.[3][4]


"E.V.E.C." or "Enhanced Voice Expression Control", was developed to expand the expression and emotions of the set singer. E.V.E.C. is an advanced feature that can both aid and hinder a producer, due to its complexity and is more suitable for professional or experienced users.

Main article: E.V.E.C.


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