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Song title
  • "Please Touch Me LOLA"
Uploaded May 31, 2004


"Please Touch Me LOLA" is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.

This example was an attempt to an erotic intonations using LEON, expanding range of singing sounds to the maximum and giving the voice almost "noise-breathing" character.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Please Touch Me LOLA
Featuring LEON
Author(s) Leonid Rikh, Alexei Ustinov, Alex Yakovlev
Category Original song


I want your love
I need you now
You are so warm
Please touch me touch

Oh, passion waves
Oh, tender love
Wild blue-green eyes
Are magic stuff

Lola, Lola
Ah - ah - ah
Lola, Lola
Ah - ah - ah

Please touch
Ah ah ah ah Lola
Ah ah ah ah Lola
Please touch


Please Touch Me Tonio
Featuring LEON
Author(s) Chorvaqueen
Category VOCALOID cover

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