'"Plustellia" is an electronica album by multiple producers. It was released by the circle Chroma of Wall, debuting at Comiket 78.In this album we can find the following songs CRAZY GiRL, 'ニクニク★タカギックスナイト  & Heart Groove The album has a pruduct page on the circle's website and Toranoana. An official demo is available on SoundCloud.

Released August 15, 2010
Producer Various
Price ¥1,890
Illust. TNSK
Label Independent
Track list
Hachiouji-P feat. Miku
Ginsuke feat. Miku
3. This love will not be successful
baker feat. Miku
4. Royal Straight Flesh
Shake Sphere feat. Miku
5. ニクニク★タカギックスナイト
Niku Niku★Takagix Night
samfree feat. Luka
6. Heart Groove
Suketch-P feat. Miku
7. Devil’s whisper
U-ji feat. Miku
8. ピンク・エレファント
kiichi feat. Luka
9. disco radio
Cheetahgirl-P feat. GUMI, Gackpo
10. Don’t stop beat!!
Aether Eru feat. Miku

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