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  • "Polaroid"
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  • (UN)BalNz'D (music, lyrics)


A polaroid can capture the transient beauty of life, but cannot change that moments are but moments.

At least you'll have your polaroid.

"Polaroid" is an original song by (UN)BalNz'D featuring Megurine Luka.


Tell me why I have to smile at the flashing light
when no one else is smiling anywhere else in sight
excuse me can you tell me why you'd go out of your way
to fabricate a bout of bliss, and this is what they said

one day, when everybody else has grown and moved away
you'll find that you start to pine for all those times inside those frames
You'll see even if the smiles and the colors fade
they'll still have a way to persist, even when they don't exist

baby you can take me
tuck me away in your pocket
hide me away under your shirt
somewhere close to where your heart is

everybody's smiling bunched together in this scene
happiness within the frame
a picture perfect polaroid
smiles they don't last everything in turn turns to pass
turning into a part of the past
like your polaroid

even if we're faded, colors start to lose their shine
we've still got something from those times
a picture perfect polaroid
even if you're jaded, eyes no longer see as fine
the mem'ries fading out to white,
at least you've got that polaroid

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