potential 0 (ぽてんしゃる0) is a producer of original rock songs who mostly uses GUMI and IA in his works.

Many of his songs feature the fictional band PTL0 (Population of The Liberty 0). The members of this band are GUMI-jou, the main singer and Mei-chan, the guitarist and representation of IA. There are also Kathy Ogami, the gorilla drummer and Yatagarasu no George, the back-up dancer.

STATUS:February 2013 → Active
OFFICIAL:Official Tumblr
URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico, YouTube, Piapro, SoundCloud

Social Media: Twitter

PLAYLIST(s):Nico Nico Playlist
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Ano Musume wa Rock n' Roller" (GUMI) (Feb.10.2013)
  2. "Rodin" (GUMI, IA) (Feb.24.2013)
  3. "Hyacinth" (GUMI, IA) (Feb.24.2013)
  4. "Samidare" (GUMI, IA) (Mar.10.2013)
  5. "Fumou!" (GUMI, IA) (Mar.25.2013)
  6. "Alice Cream" (GUMI, IA) (Apr.15.2013)
  7. "Alice Cream (TP version)" (GUMI, IA) (Apr.18.2013)
  8. "Oyasumi Nasai" (GUMI, IA) (May.12.2013)
  9. "Sky Crawler" (GUMI, IA) (Jun.03.2013)
  10. "Shiranui" (GUMI, IA) (Aug.19.2013)
  11. "Yuugure Jetson" (GUMI, IA) (Oct.07.2013)
  12. "Moufu!" (Miku) (Dec.29.2013)
  13. "Tsuki ni Tawagoto" (GUMI, IA) (Feb.04.2014)
  14. "Rock n' Roll is our Grace" (GUMI, IA) (Apr.23.2014)
  15. "Shinigami no Guitar" (IA) (Jun.25.2014)
  16. "Oppai no Uta" (GUMI, IA) (Aug.16.2014)
  17. "People, Doudeshou?" (GUMI) (Nov.04.2014)
  18. "Yamiyo no Dance" (GUMI, IA) (Mar.17.2015)
  19. "Oyasumi Nasai" (GUMI) (Sep.01.2015)
  20. "Tsukiyo no Waltz" (Miku) (Oct.25.2016)

Songs / Featured Works Edit

不毛! (Fumou!)

Uploaded 2013.03.23 Featuring GUMI, IA
Music potential 0 Main article 不毛! (Fumou!)
Lyrics potential 0
Video potential 0

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