Ofclboxart pwrfx Big Al-old
Song title
Uploaded May 28, 2007
BIG AL beta
Alexey Kosolapov (music, lyrics)
Alexei Ustinov (music)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast (Reprint)
Jasmine Music Technology

JMT Broadcast


PowerFX is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology. The demo features BIG AL's original, unreleased voicebank (before Frank S. replaced Michael King as his voice provider).


PowerFX, PowerFX, PowerFX
Power, Power, PowerFX

Do what you do with Al
And be the first to know
What do you have to show?
Try something new today!

It's all within your reach.
So make the most of now
And don't give up a thing
Control your range and pitch!

Power, Power, PowerFX

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