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  • "Primadonna"
Uploaded June 26, 2015, with 160+ YouTube views and 290+ SoundCloud views
  • SPiDER (music, lyrics, illustration)
  • Jay Feir (lyrics)


Succeeding versionsEdit

Jay Feir's Cover
Featuring Jay Feir
Author(s) Jay Feir
Category Human cover


Now, let’s take it from the top
Focus on me, concentrate…
Don’t lose track of my eyes
Keep them on me, keep them on me!

The spotlights not enough, just look at me, ONLY at me!
Your applause is like adrenaline, I feel alive…

Throw me love, idolize me
It’s not obsession, I’m an idol!
Watch me dance to my sick beats
I’m so addicting, it’s like a disease

Check, one, two, three, four, perfect!
Can you hear me? Listen up…
Attention! Are you looking at me?
Is this all a game?

You’re not good enough to lay your eyes on this godly stage…
The lights on me, what’s with the waiting? Applaud for me!

(This is mine, all your stupid cries will not deafen me, will not distract me, will not control me,
will not control me, will not control me, will not control me, will not…)

Fames a game, play it just right
Don’t ever falter… They always watch…
Keep on beat, eyes are on me
Never forget me… Give me all your love…!

Give me all your love!